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Building Rentals

Building Facility Rentals

Our facilities are available for

• Trade Shows • Meetings and Conferences • Dinners and Receptions

• Dinners and Parties • Assemblies and R.V. Rallies • Livestock Shows and Sales

We are here to serve you and accommodate all of your needs when planning your next special event.

Building #1 - $1,400

15,721 sq ft (79' x 199')


Dinner seating: 1,048

Auditorium seating: 2,245

Building #2 - $1,800

Kitchen and walk-in refrigerator

21,200 sq ft Main Room (80' x 240') - Alcove (25' x 80')


Dinner Seating: 1,424

Auditorium Seating: 3,045

Building #3 - $1,200

Small kitchen

4,900 sq ft (49' x 100')


Dinner Seating: 326

Auditorium Seating: 700

Building #4 - $1,300

12,394 sq ft (90' x 140')


Dinner Seating: 826

Auditorium Seating: 1,770

Building #5 - $1,000

4,900 sq ft (49' x 100')


Dinner Seating: 326

Auditorium Seating: 700

Building #6 - $750

Waterfall and footbridge


Dinner Seating: 125

Reservations - Non-public social events may be booked a maximum of 6 months in advance. Photo ID required for reservations.

Deposit - A $500.00 deposit is required for each building reserved and is refundable one week after the event. If the event is cancelled or the building is not properly cleaned, the deposit is forfeited.

Alcohol - Renter's event must have the necessary Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) license and permission by the Association to sell alcoholic beverages. The ABC form must be signed by the fairgrounds office and then the ABC license must be posted in building at the time of the event. The liquor license may be issued with conditions.
San Joaquin County Fairgrounds fees for selling alcohol on property:

$200.00 per full keg
$10.00 corkage fee

Security - Security is required for ALL events. Security service for the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds is provided by an independent security firm. Renter will schedule security for the event. $25.00 an hour per guard.

Public Liability Insurance - Public liability insurance is required. Renters can provide their own or obtain through the Fair. Current rates (as of 01/01/2019) are :
100 attendees or less $60.00
101 - 500 attendees $105.00
501 - 1500 attendees $165.00
1501 - 3000 attendees $235.00
3001 - 5000 attendees $310.00

Set Up and Tear Down - Buildings can be made available the day prior to an event to allow for early set up for a fee of $150.00 Otherwise renters can set up beginning at 8:00a the day of the event.

Renter shall set up tables and chairs. After the event, renter is responsible for removing all decorations and placing garbage in provided containers. Tables and chairs must be torn down and returned and the way they were delivered.

Equipment Rentals ;
  • Tables $7.00 each
  • Picnic Tables $35.00 each
  • Chairs $1.50 each
  • Platforms $15.00 each (sml)
  • Platforms $35.00 (lrg)
  • Podium $10.00 each
  • Benches $5.00 each
  • Ticket Booths $50.00 each
  • Bars $35.00 each
  • People Barriers $15.00 each
  • Trash Cans provided at no charge

Tables and Chairs must be rented from Fair.

To apply, just fill out our worksheet form and mail it to the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds
Event Profile Worksheet

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