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Rental Details

Building Facility Rentals

Our facilities are available for

• Festivals • Trade Shows • Meetings and Conferences • Dinners and Receptions

• Fundraisers • Car Shows • Concerts • Rodeos • Livestock Shows

We are here to serve you and accommodate all of your needs when planning your next special event.

Hall Tours are by appointment only. To make an appointment please fill out the Rental Request Form someone will be in touch to schedule once recieved.

Building #2 - $1,800

Kitchen, Restrooms, and walk-in refrigerator*

21,200 sq ft Main Room (80' x 240') - Alcove (25' x 80')

Capacity -

Dinner Seating: 1,424

Auditorium Seating: 3,045

Walk in Refrigerator at additional $100 per day

Building #3 - $1,200

Small kitchen

4,900 sq ft (49' x 100')

Capacity -

Dinner Seating: 326

Auditorium Seating: 700

Building #4 - $1,300

12,394 sq ft (90' x 140')

Capacity -

Dinner Seating: 826

Auditorium Seating: 1,770

Building #6 - $750

Waterfall and footbridge

Capacity -

Dinner Seating: 125

Equipment & Extras

  • Tables $7.00 each
  • Chairs $2.00 each
  • Platforms $15.00 each (sml)
  • Platforms $35.00 (lrg)
  • Podium $10.00 each
  • Benches $5.00 each
  • Ticket Booths $50.00 each
  • People Barriers $15.00 each
  • Ticket Booth $70.00 each
  • Bleachers $100.00 each
  • Picnic Tables $35.00 each
  • Trash Cans provided at no charge

Other Areas:

  • Livestock Barns - $2,500
  • Carnival Lot - $1,000
  • Main Parking Lot - $1,200 (waived if Fair sells parking at $10 per car)
  • B Street Parking Lot - $700
  • Grass Amphitheater - $1,000
  • Permanent Food Booth - $250
  • Beer Booth - $250
  • Midway - $500
  • Grandstands $3,000 minimum
  • Restrooms - $100 per location
  • Main stage area - $400
  • Kitchen rental non event - $200 for 8 hours
Deposit - A $500.00 deposit is required for each building reserved and is refundable 30 days after the event.
Your deposit may be retained for the following circumstances:
  • Damage to the property
  • Broken curfew
  • Building left unkept when your event is over
  • Law Enforcement is called to the event for fighting, alcohol related issues, etc
  • If the guests break the outside alcohol rule
A credit card must be kept on file for each contracted event. This card will only be charged in the event that the damage or fire marshal fees exceed the deposit amount.

Event Staff - 1 Event Attendant is required for ALL events. This is a representative of the San Joaquin Fairgrounds who will be on site during your event to hold keys, assist in coordination or the building, and be there for any issues that may arise with the property. $300 minimum for the first 12 hours. Any additional hours outside of this time frame is $30 per hour. Event staff must be on site during set up and clean up to open and close the building and sign off on event close out.

Fire Marshal Fee - The San Joaquin County Fairgrounds is a State of California owned property and as such, falls under the jurisdiction of the State Fire Marshall. The Fairgrounds is obligated to apply for a "Special Events Permit" issued by the State Fire Marshalls office for any event on the fairgrounds when 50 or more persons attends. The Fire Marshall can elect to inspect the event for fire safety prior to the event commencing or during the event. The permit process and inspection is estimated at $240 per hour per deputy on site, for this reason we have implemented a "Fire Marshal Fee of $550, this covers the most basic events. The Office of the State Fire Marshall sends invoices up to 60 day post event. Should the Fire Marshal invoice sent post event exceed the $550 for your event the difference will be charged to your card on file.

Alcohol - All alcoholic beverage sales and service must be coordinated through the fairgrounds and one of our approved non-profit partners. Cash and hosted bar options are available. Under no circumstances are events allowed to serve their own alcohol without fair manager approval. Large public events hosted by experienced promoters may retain alcohol rights on a case by case basis at the digression of the fairgrounds manager during contract negotiations. A beverage concessions % fee will apply and fairgrounds approved auditing procedures will be followed. A third party concessions auditor may be utilized at the renters expense should they request one, otherwise fair staff will audit the beverage concessions in house at no additional cost. If at any time event staff encounters unauthorized alcohol consumption anywhere on the premises from you or your guests your deposit will be forfeited.

Security - Security is required for ALL events. Security service for the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds is provided by an independent security firm. Guards are $35 per hour, armed guards/PD may be required at public events, at the promoters expense depending on the nature of the event. 1 guard per 75-100 people is required during events.

Janitorial - Janitorial is required for ALL events. Janitorial service for the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds is provided by an independent locally owned firm. Janitors are $38 per hour while the event is happening. 1 janitor per 125 attendees is required. Janitors will keep restrooms cleaned and stocked and garbage cans emptied during event hours. Post event clean up is on the renter, should you want the janitors to provide clean up service too we can gather an estimate from the service provider on an event by event basis.

Public Liability Insurance - Public liability insurance is required. Renters can provide their own or obtain through the Fair. *Ask for a Quote.

Utility and Service Fees - Utility fees are assessed at $95 per area per day. A 5% service charge is assessed to all rental invoices. This service charge goes towards waste management and mandatory water treatment services based on attendance, as required by the state water board.

Set Up and Tear Down - Buildings can be made available the day prior to an event between 9:00am - 4:00pm to allow for early set up for a fee of $250, set up is available outside of this time frame at an additional rate of $30 per hour for event staff to be on site. Otherwise renters can set up beginning at 8:00a the day of the event. Renter shall set up tables and chairs. After the event, renter is responsible for removing all decorations and placing garbage in provided containers. Tables and chairs must be torn down and returned, the way they were delivered. A post event clean up day is available for $250 plus $30/hour for event staff to be on site.

Event Hours - Hall rentals may operate between the hours of 8am and midnight. Events must be out of the building including clean up no later that midnight. In the event that your event does not comply with our curfew you will forfeit your deposit.

Parking Lots
- Parking lots for public events must be rented at the rack rate if you do not plan to charge parking or should you want to waive this fee the fairgrounds reserves the right to charge your patrons $10 per car parked. Events held in parking lots have no restroom access and you must provide porta-potties at the renters expense. Proof of service contract will be requested.

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San Joaquin County Fair 2024 Concluded, See You Next Year!