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San Joaquin Fairgrounds Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our goal at the San Joaquin County Fair is to host a fun, safe, family-oriented community event. To do so we ask that all of our guests follow the following guidelines:

  • All patrons and bags are subject to search preceding entry.
  • Possession of items prohibited on the Fairgrounds includes:
    • Guns, knives, mace/pepper spray/stream, or any items that could be used as a weapon
    • Alcohol of illegal substances or cannabis products in any form
    • Bottles, cans, or hard sided containers
    • Non-factory sealed plastic bottles (permitted if empty)
    • Ice Chests or Coolers
    • Outside food and beverage (unless for medical reasons)
    • Chairs
    • Pets other than approved service animals
    • Tents, tables, shade umbrellas
    • Fireworks, firecrackers/poppers
    • unmanned aerial vehicles
    • Bikes, skateboards, scooters, skates/rollerblades, Segways or like items
    • Any other items deemed dangerous or inappropriate by Fair personnel.
  • CCW permits are not allowed, only off duty officers are permitted to carry.
    • Off Duty Officers must disclose and check in with Security Supervisor prior to entrance. Badge and active ID required.
  • SJCF Dress Code: No inappropriate attire; shoes and shirt are always required on Fairgrounds property. We ask that you do not wear any gang affiliated colors/attire, derogatory words or images. We are focused on providing a safe, fun, environment for everyone.
  • Smoking of tobacco, e-cigarettes, vaporizers, or other similar products that produce smoke or vapor must be done in designated areas. Cannabis or illegal substances of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • Any activity that disrupts SJCF's pleasant, family oriented environment including disruptive profanity, and threatening or vulgar clothing, language, or signs is strictly prohibited.
  • Failure to follow the direction or reasonable request of any Fair personnel will result in immediate removal from the event.
  • Solicitation including selling and/or distribution of any materials without a vendor contract with the fair is strictly prohibited.
  • Guests entering the SJC Fairgrounds grant unrestricted rights and licenses to venue management and all other entities associated with the Fair or their respective agents to use guests' likeness in any broadcast, telecast, photography taken or other transmissions or reproduction in connection to the event.
  • Free Speech Areas: Free speech areas are available outside of the paid gate. All free speech must be exercised within 20 feet of the posted Free Speech Area sign.
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