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The fairgrounds offers facilities for all kinds of events. We are here to serve and accommodate you in every way for your special event planning.

We have 4 buildings available for rent that vary in sizes and features along with other areas throughout the fairgrounds to make your event a success. We also offer equipment rentals on-site to make your set-up efficient and easy.


Deposit of $250 is required for each building reserved and will be refunded after the event is completed.If the event is canceled, the deposit is forfeited. All rental fees must be paid 14 days prior to the event, or event is subject to cancellation.

Building Set-up / Tear Down
All tables, chairs, etc. requested will be placed in the building or area reserved prior to renter set-up time.Renter shall set up tables and chairs. After the event, renter is responsible for removing all decorations and placing garbage in provided containers. Tables and chairs may be left standing.

Security is required for all events. Security must be obtained from a guard company approved by the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds.

Non-public, social events may be booked a maximum of six months in advanced.

Public Events
Selling admission tickets, food, soft drinks, and/or alcoholic beverages will be required to pay a percentage of sales.

Ticket Sales
Events selling admission tickets will pay 10% of sales against the rental fees.

Concessions at events will pay 24% of gross sales, less state sales tax, for food and soft drinks; 30% for alcoholic beverages, and $175.00 per keg of beer sold.

R.V. Parking
R.V. Parking areas rent for $15.00 per day per unit (minimum 10 units). Water, electricity, and restrooms are available. Only units with self-contained sewage are permitted; a tank dumping station is available on-site. Water couplers are available with a $35 deposit.

Public Liability Insurance is required for all events.

Regarding Alcohol
Alcohol service must stop at 10:00 pm when served at no charge. Pre-approval, ABC License, and Liquor Liability Insurance is required for sale of alcohol. Beverages may not be served in cans or glass bottles. Alcohol is NOT permitted at any non-public, social event where the guest of honor is a minor, under 21 years of age. Your event will be cancelled if alcohol is served. (Effective 9-13-01)

To apply, just fill out our rental application form and mail it to the San Joaquin County Fair.